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Discussion of Problem 1393. Average Common Prefix

Finally! It wasn't, so hard at allRabbit Girl ♥1393. Average Common Prefix22 Dec 2017 00:400  
teststaobingxue1393. Average Common Prefix12 Jul 2017 18:041  
WA 67Sunnat1393. Average Common Prefix13 Jan 2014 10:244  
Problem 1383 "Average Common Prefix". Timelimit changedErop [USU]1393. Average Common Prefix17 Nov 2013 14:480  
for admin: add new testSunnat1393. Average Common Prefix17 Nov 2013 14:451  
tl#40? i use suffix array! nlogn! why?EfremovAleksei1393. Average Common Prefix7 Sep 2012 08:401  
WA 30……Helpgrayluck1393. Average Common Prefix12 Apr 2012 01:411  
hintvgu1393. Average Common Prefix12 Oct 2011 02:071  
Please help! Crash test30L.E.O.1393. Average Common Prefix8 Aug 2011 00:220  
Rounding...1393. Average Common Prefix22 Oct 2010 23:523  
Test #10Luka Milićević1393. Average Common Prefix20 Apr 2009 01:570  
Could you tell me what is the test 29?yuyan1393. Average Common Prefix2 Apr 2009 22:303  
To admins: Time Limit in Javacrdp1393. Average Common Prefix7 Aug 2008 14:552  
To Admin: more memory pleaseEinstein Chen(einstein[underline]csm[at]hotmail[dot]com)1393. Average Common Prefix19 Mar 2007 15:2710  
i used SUFFIX ARRAY. But TLM at test 2. I don't know why?Nguyen Dinh Tu (DHSP)1393. Average Common Prefix7 Apr 2006 07:415  
New problem 1393 "Average Common Prefix" was added. Thanks to Ilya GrebnovVladimir Yakovlev (USU)1393. Average Common Prefix23 Nov 2005 21:360  

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