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Discussion of Problem 1402. Cocktails

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WHAT IS IN TEST #6shota zedashidze1402. Cocktails7 May 2021 02:437  
what's wrong with my code?yungyBaSe1402. Cocktails26 Dec 2018 20:481  
for anyone who has WA#13Najmaddin Akhundov1402. Cocktails11 Dec 2018 11:313  
WA#13kxurshid1402. Cocktails22 Jun 2013 17:146  
Test 19aaa1402. Cocktails22 Jun 2013 17:113  
Punctuation error in russian version of problem conditionunderminer1402. Cocktails30 Jan 2013 00:122  
WA20Dmitrij1402. Cocktails13 May 2012 11:533  
You can get WA13 because of an unsigned 64-bit integer (qword in pascal) is not enough for itPrankMaN1402. Cocktails26 Aug 2011 20:391  
whywaterlink1402. Cocktails6 Aug 2011 02:572  
This is a stupid question...!!!Imran Yusubov1402. Cocktails27 Jul 2010 03:132  
HELP ME PLEASEVOLNOREZ_(Mats_Vladimir_Orenburg_High_school_№1)1402. Cocktails10 Apr 2010 15:094  
WA 13! PLS HELP!bani4ka1402. Cocktails30 Mar 2010 12:045  
Please tell me what is wrong in my programm???????????!!!!Atbasar(GBK)1402. Cocktails8 Jan 2010 23:442  
Please,help me. Is it right? ahmedov(NUUz_2)1402. Cocktails29 Sep 2009 20:293  
WA#13 WHY?snowfly1402. Cocktails14 Jul 2009 09:561  
Test 20Lord1402. Cocktails6 Jun 2009 12:043  
test datalian lian1402. Cocktails10 Apr 2009 02:092  
WA on test 13, Please helpLev Panov1402. Cocktails10 Apr 2009 01:586  
WA#14HCMUNS - Team CHANT - Sakigake Moto1402. Cocktails20 Feb 2009 08:361  
2 AdminsTeacher301402. Cocktails14 Feb 2009 17:265  

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