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Discussion of Problem 1403. Courier

How would you use a heap to solve this problem?mihai.alpha1403. Courier19 Sep 2023 15:420  
ADMINS! test #4 WA, but it's right algorithm
[ Pages: 1, 2 ]
Alexander Prudaev1403. Courier2 Jul 2020 01:1625  
Umm, I just used the method which you will use when you face this problem as an elementary school maths exercise.some_programming_novice1403. Courier15 Apr 2019 08:100  
WA9Carbon1403. Courier21 Oct 2017 16:226  
Why WA#6Vladimir Li1403. Courier17 Dec 2014 05:172  
I can't understand the problem...[中山一中]Rabidstorm1403. Courier2 Aug 2013 13:225  
O(n^2) is the best way or not?hoan1403. Courier14 Apr 2013 23:044  
Test for 5WADawid Drozd1403. Courier18 Mar 2011 02:550  
wa7 please helpIbragim Atadjanov (Tashkent U of IT)1403. Courier24 Oct 2010 07:470  
How to solve this problem in O(n^2)Anton [SUrSU]1403. Courier10 Mar 2010 16:234  
WA#9KALO1403. Courier3 Oct 2009 14:330  
Please somone help to find my mistake wa5...georgi_georgiev1403. Courier7 Aug 2009 23:150  
WA#1!!!!!!!!!!!!!WHY???????????Artem1403. Courier30 Mar 2009 14:580  
unfairlian lian1403. Courier23 Dec 2008 05:280  
WA 5Denis1403. Courier9 Nov 2007 02:210  
Dear Adminslexisoft011403. Courier16 Oct 2007 11:321  
To AdminsDAVE1403. Courier2 Oct 2007 20:250  
TO ADMINS: System bugsDixonD (Lviv NU)1403. Courier20 Mar 2007 22:151  
test2LDT1403. Courier7 Nov 2006 09:190  
No subjectLDT1403. Courier7 Nov 2006 09:190  

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