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Discussion of Problem 1408. Polynomial Multiplication

The shortest programAlex Tolstov (Vologda STU)1408. Polynomial Multiplication29 Nov 2020 17:2511  
help please test #11qweqweasd1408. Polynomial Multiplication22 Sep 2019 18:152  
2 admins (difference in English and Russian statements)ftc1408. Polynomial Multiplication4 Feb 2016 19:501  
Hint for WA #13ER1408. Polynomial Multiplication2 Jul 2014 00:100  
H!. help me please ihave WA in the test # 8, give me testShilov Dmitriy(Vologda SPU#1)1408. Polynomial Multiplication15 May 2013 16:304  
For the ones who has WA36Borozdin Kirill1408. Polynomial Multiplication18 Jun 2011 21:080  
note for WA#12hoan1408. Polynomial Multiplication28 Dec 2010 23:414  
Not trust!svr1408. Polynomial Multiplication24 Oct 2010 14:443  
If you have WA @ 2 or 4.198808xc1408. Polynomial Multiplication29 Sep 2010 19:340  
Strange test #13SevenEleven [Tartu U]1408. Polynomial Multiplication29 Sep 2010 19:192  
wa 12unlucky [Vologda SPU]1408. Polynomial Multiplication4 Feb 2010 21:210  
for 6 testunlucky [Vologda SPU]1408. Polynomial Multiplication4 Feb 2010 19:560  
test#5qweqweasd1408. Polynomial Multiplication3 Oct 2009 15:300  
There are multiply spaces in the 2nd test (-)Dart MirzMan C++ Edition (Mirzoyan Alexey, Rybinsk SAAT)1408. Polynomial Multiplication21 Jun 2009 13:221  
Strange! why crash 1 ?????!!!!!!!!lhmhl1408. Polynomial Multiplication17 May 2009 14:370  
What's wrong with the test#9? My Program passes all my own tests and tests from forum! Help me, please! (-)Alexey1408. Polynomial Multiplication13 Apr 2009 10:564  
WA#12Loky_Yuri [USTU Frogs]1408. Polynomial Multiplication11 Apr 2009 15:273  
I Crash (access violation) on #5. Need for your help.ZvezdaM1408. Polynomial Multiplication9 Oct 2008 12:450  
Does someone had WA#14? Please give me a hintHedin1408. Polynomial Multiplication4 Aug 2008 23:241  
Help please with 12 test!6y1408. Polynomial Multiplication1 Sep 2006 18:240  

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