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Discussion of Problem 1410. Crack

Hintjoaopfg1410. Crack23 Sep 2021 05:481  
To admins👑OmegaLuL230👑1410. Crack25 Feb 2020 22:510  
Nice TESTMescheryakov_Kirill [SESC17]💻1410. Crack3 Nov 2016 21:142  
TLE 12 (solved)MishaRash1410. Crack8 Aug 2015 14:460  
If you have problems with #31Vladislav1410. Crack25 Mar 2014 01:590  
Hint about InputA.061410. Crack19 Sep 2013 18:491  
WA on test 16xXx1410. Crack23 Apr 2013 14:285  
WA#5 Could not find mistake with my codeNguyen Khac Tung1410. Crack6 Feb 2013 20:532  
Problem 1410 "Crack". New limitations in the problem statement. Read site news. (-)Sandro (USU)1410. Crack4 Oct 2012 12:170  
TestsHanzbrow (TNU) KCC1410. Crack9 Feb 2012 19:203  
Is the tests contain same word twice?(Answer included)Ibragim Atadjanov (Tashkent U of IT)1410. Crack9 Nov 2010 13:020  
Why WA ?sgn1410. Crack15 Oct 2009 03:051  
WA on 12 too. I can't find why. Please HELP!Strebkov_VI_SSAU1410. Crack3 Mar 2009 10:374  
Why WA on 8 test? What test is it?Kolobov_Oleg1410. Crack3 Feb 2009 16:430  
WA on 12 test. What's wrong with this solution?Alexandrov Sergey1410. Crack17 Apr 2008 21:596  
Test 511410. Crack5 Dec 2007 19:000  
No subjectIgnatyev_Oleg1410. Crack6 Jul 2007 20:270  
What about question. What our problem must to do??? Please, help me!!!alisher1410. Crack16 Feb 2007 22:110  
C++ and Java.dimozzz1410. Crack7 Feb 2007 00:460  
Help not to miss the problem(Crack 1410)svr1410. Crack25 Jan 2007 08:272  

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