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Discussion of Problem 1414. Astronomical Database

WA test 5Chuyan Dmitry1414. Astronomical Database30 Jul 2018 21:392  
I got AC[NU GYM] I am get tester...1414. Astronomical Database11 Nov 2017 19:123  
Why this taks can not be solved with Trie? :@@Giorgi Pataraia [Tbilisi SU]1414. Astronomical Database18 Feb 2017 08:183  
Test Case 8Imran1414. Astronomical Database23 Jun 2016 08:550  
be careful. Adhambek1414. Astronomical Database4 Apr 2015 16:440  
file handling.bright1414. Astronomical Database13 Jan 2015 11:570  
WA on test #5teamSaratov1414. Astronomical Database24 Jul 2014 18:344  
I have "Time limit exceeded" in test #12, but time of work is 0.234. (C#)D.Sinelnikov1414. Astronomical Database12 Apr 2014 18:240  
AC 3,2 sec. How to get 0,5 sec?Beksinski1414. Astronomical Database26 Oct 2013 12:027  
WA#3 ?Evgeniy1414. Astronomical Database31 Aug 2013 22:212  
Problem 1414 Astronomical Database is rejudgedVladimir Yakovlev (USU)1414. Astronomical Database17 Apr 2013 11:400  
Идеяibra (TNU)1414. Astronomical Database12 Feb 2013 21:251  
Runtime Error Test 1Shree1414. Astronomical Database6 Feb 2013 13:040  
WA #1Pavel Kovalenko1414. Astronomical Database6 Nov 2010 22:232  
QuestionSKYDOS1414. Astronomical Database19 Jul 2010 22:382  
Why WA#1?Neizvestnii1414. Astronomical Database14 Nov 2008 22:561  
C++ Input handling (end of input, that is)Mihail Minkov1414. Astronomical Database17 Aug 2008 23:523  
What is the 5-th test?realman.lv(Lviv NU)1414. Astronomical Database24 Dec 2007 01:441  
compilation error on javabl1n1414. Astronomical Database15 Dec 2007 19:120  
Stupid questionAlexss1414. Astronomical Database27 Oct 2007 23:480  

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