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Discussion of Problem 1415. Mobile Life

A hint for those with WA15vnikulin1415. Mobile Life8 Nov 2021 18:150  
Why this problem rejudged??Shen Yang1415. Mobile Life19 Dec 2016 13:110  
YES , Accepted ,hahaShen Yang1415. Mobile Life24 Oct 2016 19:030  
TO ADMINS. Weak tests.AndreyPikas [Yaroslavl SU]1415. Mobile Life30 Dec 2014 00:587  
сколько всего тестов в этой задаче?СУНЦ УрФУ petrov nikita1415. Mobile Life5 Dec 2014 13:371  
TO ADMINS. Runtime error (access violation) when allocating on heap.AndreyPikas [Yaroslavl SU]1415. Mobile Life5 Nov 2014 22:040  
To admins. C# vs C++ValentinPerm1415. Mobile Life14 Oct 2014 18:491  
Tell me the right answer for this testValentinPerm1415. Mobile Life13 Mar 2014 14:041  
some tests!HuaLee1415. Mobile Life16 Mar 2012 06:515  
I can get the sample,but...HuaLee1415. Mobile Life2 Nov 2010 19:210  
1st question. (There're two kinds of understandings.)Safe Bird1415. Mobile Life31 Aug 2008 08:2615  
Test #7ftc1415. Mobile Life15 Jul 2008 00:131  
pls write the answers for the following testProgBeat1415. Mobile Life12 Jun 2007 02:380  
I have WA #3.Dembel {AESC USU}1415. Mobile Life5 May 2007 05:378  
I got AC!!!{AESC USU} Dembel1415. Mobile Life28 Dec 2006 17:400  
Are the statements right?[AESC USU] MajorM1415. Mobile Life4 Aug 2006 18:311  
You don't need to sort the stationsKAV1415. Mobile Life4 Aug 2006 00:121  
Question(+)Safe Bird1415. Mobile Life4 Jun 2006 22:212  
READ ME...(wa1)Rizvanov++ de xXx1415. Mobile Life26 May 2006 12:582  
Problem 1415 "Mobile Life". Finally problem has been repaired! (+)Vladimir Yakovlev (USU)1415. Mobile Life25 May 2006 17:324  

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