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Discussion of Problem 1418. Military Story

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Incorrect Test 12Giorgi Giglemiani [Freeuni]1418. Military Story5 Oct 2013 17:531  
WA#11 and Why?Zeva [USU]1418. Military Story24 Oct 2010 19:494  
Mistake in russian statementAlipov Vyacheslav [Tomsk PU]1418. Military Story15 Jul 2010 22:432  
Why WA#13?B-S42#21418. Military Story8 Jul 2010 07:362  
One Hint to somebody who WA13Cheryl Xie1418. Military Story8 Jul 2010 07:363  
WA #14Andres1418. Military Story16 Mar 2010 08:111  
WA 10HeypaBHoBeceH1418. Military Story16 Mar 2010 06:2212  
Why WA#4?shangjingbo1418. Military Story3 Mar 2009 17:351  
Some somple hints?yifei1418. Military Story20 Aug 2008 13:112  
WA #3Dimitrije1418. Military Story8 May 2008 04:092  
Try these testsUNKNOWN_LAMER1418. Military Story2 Nov 2007 12:212  
Please help me with this codeWrong Answers1418. Military Story2 Nov 2007 12:191  
What's the matter with 13th test???Torax [Lviv NU]1418. Military Story6 Feb 2007 21:381  
How to get AC in 0.1 s or less ?N.M.Hieu ( DHSP )1418. Military Story21 Aug 2006 11:143  

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