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Discussion of Problem 1420. Integer-Valued Complex Division

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if a = 0 and b = 0??gooooooogol1420. Integer-Valued Complex Division8 Jun 2018 16:081  
WA 14 ???? HelpOstap Korkuna1420. Integer-Valued Complex Division3 Feb 2017 23:504  
To ACers.AlMag1420. Integer-Valued Complex Division17 Jan 2013 23:124  
q and r real ?Lifanov1420. Integer-Valued Complex Division24 Aug 2008 04:203  
Always wa6,is there somebody who knows some testsVukasin1420. Integer-Valued Complex Division25 Jun 2008 23:421  
About WA4Kollekcioner[Vologda, VML1]1420. Integer-Valued Complex Division7 Jul 2007 22:481  
What mean |b| for complexDembel {AESC USU}1420. Integer-Valued Complex Division20 Oct 2006 21:122  
i did not understand this problem/ help me please+FAMAS+1420. Integer-Valued Complex Division8 Feb 2006 23:561  
Please help me!Dzmitry1420. Integer-Valued Complex Division31 Dec 2005 19:301  
Brute Force can AC in 0.015secYu Yuanming1420. Integer-Valued Complex Division24 Dec 2005 13:431  

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