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Discussion of Problem 1421. Credit Operations

O(V^3) - OK in C++ , tl4 in Java ...Martin_fmi1421. Credit Operations4 Aug 2018 20:213  
When the matrix can't be constructed?Lebedev_Nicolay[Ivanovo SPU]1421. Credit Operations20 Mar 2015 00:451  
why does my answer for first test is incorrect?nemat1421. Credit Operations21 Feb 2012 21:341  
Testmaxsakharuk1421. Credit Operations5 Dec 2011 17:460  
O(V^2*E) passes TL! (+)Vedernikoff Sergey (HSE: EconomicsForever!)1421. Credit Operations17 Jun 2011 12:344  
TO ADMINS: BUG in the rating.hoan1421. Credit Operations28 Dec 2010 15:062  
tasks on maxflowdisa1421. Credit Operations11 Oct 2010 08:350  
**Mukhametianov Den [USU]1421. Credit Operations13 May 2010 02:511  
WA #12Abbas Mehrabian1421. Credit Operations23 Apr 2010 18:281  
TL 14 with O(n^3)(relable to front) algo in java. Ibragim Atadjanov1421. Credit Operations6 Oct 2009 15:171  
Checker is WrongMYV1421. Credit Operations26 Jul 2008 15:412  
Idea?Anton [SUrSU]1421. Credit Operations5 Feb 2007 12:365  
Help.......Wa#1leaf1421. Credit Operations26 Jan 2007 18:520  
help!wa#4xuyiwen1421. Credit Operations24 Jan 2007 16:400  
Please add the testFyodor Menshikov1421. Credit Operations17 Jan 2007 05:303  
Please, help me with one more solutionDzhulgakov Dmitry1421. Credit Operations16 Jan 2007 17:523  
Help (TLE #12, O(V*E^2))elmariachi1414 (TNU)1421. Credit Operations15 Jan 2007 22:522  
What's test #10 ? It seems no one trapped by it except me :( ...RoBa @ TJU1421. Credit Operations1 Sep 2006 15:260  
Help me, please! WA#6Alexey1421. Credit Operations26 Jun 2006 14:411  
WA 28 Help pleeeeeeease!Petr1421. Credit Operations2 Jun 2006 20:290  

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