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Discussion of Problem 1423. String Tale

Time limit test#10Plakhov6181423. String Tale17 Dec 2012 02:551  
To Admins: strange compilation errormikroz1423. String Tale13 Dec 2012 21:412  
Crash in test#6 Ildar101423. String Tale20 Mar 2012 03:241  
help please, I used KMP but I have TLE_5Giorgi Saghinadze (Tbilisi SU)1423. String Tale4 Mar 2012 04:142  
wa on test 2 please help ...amirani1423. String Tale4 Jan 2012 20:532  
HintASK1423. String Tale29 Nov 2011 07:052  
WA#24A-shot1423. String Tale8 Nov 2011 01:180  
Test 8Marginean Ciprian1423. String Tale30 Jul 2011 16:041  
WA #11DnS1423. String Tale28 Jul 2011 15:160  
C#: WA#9 or Crash#9Leonid (SLenik) Andrievskiy1423. String Tale22 Jul 2011 05:090  
Some info about this problemVarun Sharma1423. String Tale27 Jun 2011 14:521  
What's wrong with my C# code? It is giving wrong answer in case # 2...Alaska . PK1423. String Tale26 Feb 2011 00:030  
WA 17SergijKo[PNTU]1423. String Tale29 Sep 2010 22:490  
Помогите!!!Лимит времени(=Dj_Denis1423. String Tale7 Sep 2010 22:342  
I have Knut_Morris_Pratt Algo, but why do I have WA#8?Alexey1423. String Tale7 Sep 2010 20:372  
WA#6 using KMP. Can anyone help me?williamljb1423. String Tale29 Aug 2010 16:402  
No subjectANDREI TRUBIN1423. String Tale13 Jul 2010 14:400  
Problem with 8 is...Hanzbrow (TNU) KCC1423. String Tale3 Mar 2010 21:313  
Please help me!I have MLE #8Tigran Hakobyan(1 course RAU)1423. String Tale3 Feb 2010 14:120  
can anybody please provide some test cases i am getting WA1Anupam Ghosh,Bengal Engg and Sc Uni,MtechIT,2006-09,India1423. String Tale2 Jun 2009 10:442  

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