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Discussion of Problem 1428. Jedi Riddle

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How can be z==2?Valeriya Krinitsyna1428. Jedi Riddle13 Nov 2019 22:051  
What is wrong here?С#Константин1428. Jedi Riddle3 Mar 2019 17:441  
WA#52Babies1428. Jedi Riddle16 Oct 2016 19:442  
WA#1Rushboy1428. Jedi Riddle5 Jan 2013 16:021  
WA#51And IV1428. Jedi Riddle12 Jun 2012 05:032  
exampleMihail Nikalyukin(It-Team)1428. Jedi Riddle3 Sep 2009 19:203  
What's the formula?Yashar Abbasov1428. Jedi Riddle14 Nov 2007 22:484  
I asumed that Z = 2 and then solved problem. but I can't proove it. can you?@ntiFreeze1428. Jedi Riddle27 Feb 2007 02:413  
Problem 1428 "Jedi riddle" has been rejudged (+)Vladimir Yakovlev (USU)1428. Jedi Riddle14 Jan 2007 19:0110  
Please help...Roma Labish[Lviv NU]1428. Jedi Riddle10 Jan 2007 01:018  
Just Let C=2. It will be easy.TheBeet1428. Jedi Riddle30 Jul 2006 17:291  

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