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Discussion of Problem 1433. Diamonds

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Weak test 2FatalityNT1433. Diamonds20 Feb 2020 05:361  
IdeaFelix_Mate1433. Diamonds14 Aug 2015 23:021  
Weak tests (+)dAFTc0d3r [Yaroslavl SU]1433. Diamonds26 Feb 2014 22:343  
Easy solutionadamant1433. Diamonds27 Jan 2014 19:301  
#WA 5. Help!Anatoly1433. Diamonds20 Jan 2014 19:561  
If you have WA #10... Try this test.Adhambek1433. Diamonds3 Jan 2014 15:321  
Why WA 12? Help!Ignat Zakrevsky1433. Diamonds15 Dec 2012 00:142  
#WA8Berbinschi Tudor1433. Diamonds15 Mar 2012 17:215  
testsChildofbodom1433. Diamonds10 Dec 2011 20:132  
Anyone help me please! I have WA #12 :(Enigma [UB of TUIT]1433. Diamonds12 Nov 2010 14:491  
who can find out my mistake?free1433. Diamonds10 Aug 2010 17:282  
WA Test 18JohNY_green1433. Diamonds14 Apr 2010 13:101  
Strange algo for solving this problemSergiy_PMI_LNU1433. Diamonds26 Jul 2008 23:324  
WA#13 here is my codeSamvel1433. Diamonds30 May 2008 11:333  
wa at#16grand1433. Diamonds18 Dec 2007 17:555  
Can anybody explain me, WHY FUCKIN CRASH(STACK OVERFLOW)??????Roma Labish[Lviv NU]1433. Diamonds21 Sep 2007 22:0213  
WA#2Aytbaev Madiyar TKTL1433. Diamonds26 Apr 2007 12:503  
Please Help WA test 11Alexander Prokazyuk (TKTL)1433. Diamonds14 Oct 2006 09:471  
why I had done wrong?who can bring me some tests?thank you very much !prix1433. Diamonds2 Aug 2006 15:221  
COMPILATION ERRORMiR1433. Diamonds22 Jul 2006 18:162  

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