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Discussion of Problem 1434. Buses in Vasyuki

TL so strictSilomett1434. Buses in Vasyuki23 Jul 2023 07:560  
TLE19andreyDagger`~1434. Buses in Vasyuki14 Nov 2022 23:320  
Big test if you've got TLE!Petr Huggy (Pskov)1434. Buses in Vasyuki6 Apr 2022 11:521  
Problem 1434 "Buses in Vasyuki" has been rejudged (+)Sandro (USU)1434. Buses in Vasyuki12 Dec 2015 04:531  
Any hints for wa-4?Mullabaev1434. Buses in Vasyuki18 Jul 2015 15:070  
Please help me, Crash #19Dijkztra1434. Buses in Vasyuki27 Jun 2012 01:061  
32 Mb memory limit. Faint. You can solve it using less than 2 Mb (+)Dmitry 'Diman_YES' Kovalioff1434. Buses in Vasyuki26 Jun 2012 17:142  
To ADMINS: there are again two tasks have the same name in Timusbsu.mmf.team1434. Buses in Vasyuki1 Apr 2012 13:443  
please help: can an edge be shared by 2 different routs?muhammad1434. Buses in Vasyuki14 Feb 2011 20:140  
HELP WITH TEST 19Marko Ciric1434. Buses in Vasyuki17 Apr 2010 18:470  
(To jury) Are buses go on circle rotes, or just one-way??Igor E. Tuphanov1434. Buses in Vasyuki9 Apr 2010 20:281  
How to avoid MLE???Lebedev_Nicolay[Ivanovo SPU]1434. Buses in Vasyuki2 May 2009 16:531  
i need test 16, quick please Dembel {AESC USU}1434. Buses in Vasyuki22 Mar 2007 22:131  
What should we output if A==B?UXMRI: Sergey Baskakov, Raphail Akhmedisheff and Denis Nikonorov1434. Buses in Vasyuki4 Mar 2006 12:096  
Problem D. Bus Routes from last contest has been rejudgedVladimir Yakovlev (USU)1434. Buses in Vasyuki28 Feb 2006 13:260  
When will be this problem unlocked?Nika Jimsheleishvili (Tbilisi SU)1434. Buses in Vasyuki25 Feb 2006 16:270  
How does the marshrutka rides?Igor E. Tuphanov1434. Buses in Vasyuki25 Feb 2006 15:390  
What should I output if there is no solution?Denis Nazarov1434. Buses in Vasyuki25 Feb 2006 15:390  

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