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Discussion of Problem 1436. Billboard

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Strange problemProgrammer1436. Billboard30 Oct 2019 02:363  
WA#18Oleg12091436. Billboard20 Jun 2019 16:212  
Could anyone help with Test 16?Alflex1436. Billboard29 Aug 2018 19:382  
Mathematics Behind the sceneKNIGHT0X3001436. Billboard3 Apr 2018 02:042  
Why could you guys assert that it is feasible to use the specific algorithm?zmj1591436. Billboard16 Nov 2015 10:331  
To all who have WA#6ftc1436. Billboard27 Feb 2013 14:152  
Test #5Slobodan1436. Billboard27 Feb 2013 13:049  
Weak tests againI&K1436. Billboard15 Jan 2011 14:436  
does billboard have a "front side" ?Kolyanich1436. Billboard15 Jan 2011 00:182  
weak tests?...tereshinvs1436. Billboard14 Jan 2011 01:542  
PPERM CAN YOU HELP ME TEST#5 OF 1436 ?K-A-R-E-N1436. Billboard14 Jan 2009 22:392  
WHO CAN HELP ME TEST#5 ?K-A-R-E-N1436. Billboard14 Jan 2009 17:471  
Addition to the problem descriptionLSBG1436. Billboard14 Dec 2008 00:182  
Some Bugs about 1436t__nt1436. Billboard26 Jul 2008 23:143  
wa#6Nikola1436. Billboard21 May 2008 06:071  
Test #6Smiljko1436. Billboard13 May 2008 20:395  
OMG why WA #6 ?!?Dimke1436. Billboard13 May 2008 20:321  
Why my program have WA(6)???Shambala1436. Billboard12 May 2008 19:576  
help with testsdusan1436. Billboard10 May 2008 18:582  
Admins, please add the testFyodor Menshikov1436. Billboard17 Jan 2007 05:251  

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