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Discussion of Problem 1439. Battle with You-Know-Who

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Sqrt decomposition 0.062s =DInstouT941439. Battle with You-Know-Who12 Oct 2022 01:071  
HintandreyDagger1439. Battle with You-Know-Who3 Jan 2022 14:161  
Memory Limit Exceeded with 70KB memory usage.Samarendra Dash1439. Battle with You-Know-Who2 May 2020 18:251  
Can it be solved on Python?DmitriyBerg1439. Battle with You-Know-Who5 Mar 2020 00:401  
Why WA on test 6?SpaceFlyer1439. Battle with You-Know-Who21 Mar 2019 21:085  
Time limit correction for problem 1439. Battle with You-Know-WhoVladimir Yakovlev (USU)1439. Battle with You-Know-Who10 Apr 2018 23:391  
Hey.What is the Time Complexity of your algorithm?sashimi1439. Battle with You-Know-Who26 Nov 2016 23:238  
set_class in C++ (1439 )svr1439. Battle with You-Know-Who26 Apr 2016 16:384  
WA 27radoslav111439. Battle with You-Know-Who8 Aug 2015 18:361  
Test case #2Alexander V1439. Battle with You-Know-Who14 Mar 2013 19:291  
Good test for this problemIvan Anisimov1439. Battle with You-Know-Who25 Oct 2012 00:043  
treap + binarySearchBerezhko German1439. Battle with You-Know-Who30 Aug 2012 18:071  
How to determine initial numbers on the deleted doors quickly?Alexey Dergunov [Samara SAU]1439. Battle with You-Know-Who22 May 2012 21:101  
Test case #22FreezingCool1439. Battle with You-Know-Who1 Sep 2011 20:252  
O(M * log N) in 0.421s with C# and without Binary Search!!Leonid (SLenik) Andrievskiy1439. Battle with You-Know-Who21 Aug 2011 03:581  
Memory Limit error with less then 5MB allocated to programVC671439. Battle with You-Know-Who8 May 2011 19:193  
treap MLZhandos1439. Battle with You-Know-Who14 Apr 2011 09:101  
For WA9Alexander Georgiev1439. Battle with You-Know-Who30 Aug 2010 16:321  
my prog alway WA#22. What is test22, or some hint, here my codexurshid_n1439. Battle with You-Know-Who25 Aug 2009 21:311  
WHY WA#2?Aleksander1439. Battle with You-Know-Who25 Aug 2009 19:522  

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