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Discussion of Problem 1446. Sorting Hat

Против Угнетения Колдовских Народов-Изгоев(ПУКНИ) ахахахахахахахахахEgor Sibriaev1446. Sorting Hat9 Dec 2021 19:150  
AC but have a weird problemfyq1231446. Sorting Hat19 Oct 2019 00:510  
Who can tell me what is the test 3???Tural Gulmammadov1446. Sorting Hat9 Jan 2018 20:191  
Something with getline() function . Please let me know...Yermakov Alex <ONPU>1446. Sorting Hat10 Jan 2017 21:302  
WA 3Frog1446. Sorting Hat14 Nov 2014 14:211  
WA1 Really!VNXtreMe1446. Sorting Hat9 Dec 2013 23:522  
SolutionArtur1446. Sorting Hat21 Oct 2013 15:012  
What's the WA???????????????/Reset1446. Sorting Hat21 Oct 2013 15:002  
WA#4 No idea!! please help!!!!!!BOyKA1446. Sorting Hat21 Oct 2013 14:592  
ATTENTION[TDUweAI] daminus1446. Sorting Hat27 Jun 2013 22:320  
what is wrong? PascalKirill Pugachev1446. Sorting Hat28 Oct 2012 18:071  
nima xatoYangiboyev Bekmurod1446. Sorting Hat22 Jan 2012 14:483  
Output Limit Exceeded on test 3Pavel Rosputko1446. Sorting Hat16 Jan 2012 17:393  
test 3 Crash (access violation) amirani1446. Sorting Hat16 Jan 2012 17:390  
I have AC without writing spaces between faculties!Alex.pas1446. Sorting Hat14 Dec 2011 00:071  
Oh my GOD, C# is very good at stringDR. Zhihua Lai1446. Sorting Hat13 Dec 2011 17:570  
If you have WA1 on C++_-Re@l-_1446. Sorting Hat4 Nov 2011 23:230  
WA1. What's wrong with the output? (Solved!)Radiosterne1446. Sorting Hat26 Oct 2011 19:571  
WA #1 C++Panzer1446. Sorting Hat12 Dec 2010 01:000  
WA#3 help please!Smusenok Sergiy Andriyovich (KhAI)1446. Sorting Hat18 Aug 2009 19:321  

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