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Discussion of Problem 1447. Portkey Network

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can anyone help me to understand solution?Anatoly Konenko1447. Portkey Network22 Nov 2017 22:212  
给超时的朋友/ To:people who get Time limit exceeded (I am sorry that my English is poor)liangjingtao1447. Portkey Network10 Mar 2013 19:282  
why WA on test 4, please give me some testcases.Ycid1447. Portkey Network30 Sep 2012 10:041  
How to solve it fast ?diver_ru1447. Portkey Network10 Sep 2008 03:0313  
To adminsDenis Koshman1447. Portkey Network4 Sep 2008 17:491  
If you got WA on #33 in pascalQu Jun1447. Portkey Network19 Jun 2008 08:521  
How to speed it up? (-)Vedernikoff Sergey1447. Portkey Network23 Oct 2006 15:361  
WA #14. Help me please(-)Anton [SUrSU]1447. Portkey Network29 Sep 2006 13:162  
How, I can change parametres of binary search?EfremovAleksei - Kirov1447. Portkey Network7 Jun 2006 19:361  
I get WA #6. Please, give me some testsEfremovAleksei - Kirov1447. Portkey Network6 Jun 2006 19:481  

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