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Discussion of Problem 1457. Heating Main

ternary searchГригорий1457. Heating Main25 Feb 2024 18:594  
explanation of given testSo Sui Ming1457. Heating Main12 Dec 2023 12:090  
a little hintnigga1457. Heating Main6 Nov 2022 21:360  
WA4 C#Varun Sharma1457. Heating Main24 May 2022 15:380  
proving the approach correctBogatyr1457. Heating Main8 Jan 2022 15:306  
Мне жалко этого дедушкуВиталий Черков1457. Heating Main3 Dec 2021 09:164  
So easy / phyton 3 solutionSMMaster1457. Heating Main5 Dec 2019 20:210  
THIS IS RUSSIADias1457. Heating Main30 Sep 2019 14:420  
aDan1457. Heating Main6 Sep 2019 18:380  
WA #1 for c++ use DOUBLE and SETPRECISION !Khujamurod Murtozakulov (Tashkent U of IT)1457. Heating Main30 Dec 2017 21:030  
WA #1 for c++ use DOUBLE and SETPRECISION !Khujamurod Murtozakulov (Tashkent U of IT)1457. Heating Main30 Dec 2017 21:020  
Супер!Vlasov Yuriy1457. Heating Main7 Sep 2017 16:400  
WA4German1457. Heating Main3 Nov 2016 21:080  
Why so?IlushaMax1457. Heating Main5 May 2016 14:500  
I don't undestend first test. Tell me explain this test, please...Kochkin Vladimir (OSU)1457. Heating Main8 Aug 2015 01:320  
easy[Java]Evgeniy[VVV]1457. Heating Main15 Dec 2014 00:431  
Accepted in Java 1.7Axmadjon1457. Heating Main1 May 2014 10:560  
Why this Java code get WA4 ? Please Help !!!ZARHANE1457. Heating Main1 May 2014 10:562  
AC 0.015s, 120kbLuka Bulatovic1457. Heating Main29 Sep 2012 16:163  
you may find it helpfulAneto1457. Heating Main8 Jan 2012 03:010  

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