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Discussion of Problem 1462. Uncle Scrooge's Gold

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2 ADMINS: ban the following user(s) for multiple accounts and flooding testing queueVedernikoff 'Goryinyich' Sergey (HSE: АОП)1462. Uncle Scrooge's Gold18 Oct 2015 14:202  
0.046s. Who's better? (-)Krayev Alexey (PSU)1462. Uncle Scrooge's Gold2 Dec 2010 12:179  
How to improve my Algo. I got TL on test 4Todor Tsonkov1462. Uncle Scrooge's Gold18 Mar 2009 15:1022  
How to more optimize~Code here...Thank you!!!Search1462. Uncle Scrooge's Gold18 Mar 2009 14:592  
How to make it fast? Is my formula correct?Alexey1462. Uncle Scrooge's Gold12 Aug 2008 05:333  
How many digits are there in the output if N=70000? (-)Alexey1462. Uncle Scrooge's Gold23 May 2007 19:365  
WHY WA at test 4SPIRiT1462. Uncle Scrooge's Gold25 Feb 2007 17:044  
RecursionCybernetics Team1462. Uncle Scrooge's Gold18 Sep 2006 18:333  

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