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Discussion of Problem 1463. Happiness to People!

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if you have WA9... (+)Dart MirzMan C++ Edition (Mirzoyan Alexey, Rybinsk SAAT)1463. Happiness to People!21 Sep 2018 00:052  
Test 54Ashiqul Islam1463. Happiness to People!2 Sep 2017 16:191  
No subjectFelix_Mate1463. Happiness to People!21 Nov 2015 16:131  
WA Test 14.Shayan Modiri1463. Happiness to People!24 Dec 2014 00:262  
WA8, some hints? PLZhliu201463. Happiness to People!24 Dec 2014 00:054  
why got WA#43, some hints? PLZ !Heng1463. Happiness to People!9 Dec 2013 11:431  
how to choose from which town to start?Raman Gupta1463. Happiness to People!5 Apr 2013 16:195  
Just BFSPavel Kovalenko1463. Happiness to People!26 Nov 2010 12:191  
if you have wa on test # 3Baurzhan1463. Happiness to People!22 Aug 2009 16:531  
please give hint about test # 3Baurzhan1463. Happiness to People!22 Aug 2009 16:191  
tell me what's wrong in my ideaBaurzhan1463. Happiness to People!21 Aug 2009 21:111  
WA 29!!!Lebedev_Nicolay[Ivanovo SPU]1463. Happiness to People!6 Jul 2009 00:145  
Who have solved #1463 - help me.Lebedev_Nicolay[Ivanovo SPU]1463. Happiness to People!6 May 2009 00:301  
If you get WA6Denis Koshman1463. Happiness to People!14 Aug 2008 23:061  
WA #7Anton [SUrSU]1463. Happiness to People!14 Aug 2008 23:013  
To AdminsEarthShaker1463. Happiness to People!12 Mar 2008 17:561  
questionLion1463. Happiness to People!8 Dec 2006 13:492  
How many edges in this graph? K<?Alexander Prudaev1463. Happiness to People!25 Nov 2006 00:012  
Please explainnistaman1463. Happiness to People!3 Nov 2006 15:171  
Something strangeH*J_ZHUJ1463. Happiness to People!29 Aug 2006 20:282  

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