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Discussion of Problem 1465. Pawn Game

I precalculate nim values, and found period postion(68). But WA13. Who can help? What'is tricky?xurshid_n1465. Pawn Game18 Jun 2020 17:234  
АлгоритмRuslan1465. Pawn Game21 May 2017 16:241  
TestsFelix_Mate1465. Pawn Game14 Jul 2015 15:220  
what formula for Sprague-Grundy ? I don't understand this sequences solve(i-2) ^ solve(n-i-1),what values in solve[0],solve[1],solve[2]?. Please help meAnastasia1465. Pawn Game31 Aug 2014 01:140  
The N is too large to use an array... Do you have any ideas?Moya1465. Pawn Game13 Jan 2012 18:164  
Idea hereIIIeFF[PermSU]1465. Pawn Game27 Dec 2011 13:590  
How to solve this problem in 0.015 s. I always got 0.031 s.!!!!xurshid_n1465. Pawn Game19 Dec 2011 01:550  
for calculating Nim-value ?xurshid_n1465. Pawn Game17 Dec 2011 16:000  
ask for circle !!!!!mwh1465. Pawn Game13 Dec 2011 18:210  
Read this lessonsDixonD (Lviv NU)1465. Pawn Game11 Dec 2011 13:044  
WA84... Help!Dima_Philippov1465. Pawn Game30 Nov 2011 03:250  
TestsMartin Ivanov1465. Pawn Game18 Apr 2009 02:480  
Please, help!!!!!!!!!!Ivanov Alexander1465. Pawn Game23 Jun 2007 21:037  
Can a pawn become a queen?angel may cry1465. Pawn Game23 Dec 2006 01:572  
It's formula or there used theory of Grandi?EfremovAleksei1465. Pawn Game23 Dec 2006 01:462  
I'm quite interested in this problem, is it related with "Nim"?RoBa1465. Pawn Game2 Nov 2006 03:249  
Are black can win, when board is bigger than 3x14?Sni1465. Pawn Game18 Sep 2006 11:361  
who will win if N=2?Bill1465. Pawn Game13 Aug 2006 11:595  
Why N=5, the answer is WHITE?Ziang Song1465. Pawn Game12 Aug 2006 15:141  
how to paly the chess?boaz1465. Pawn Game12 Aug 2006 14:414  

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