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Discussion of Problem 1471. Distance in the Tree

hint solutionmastercopycode1471. Distance in the Tree4 Aug 2021 01:290  
WA on test 8Nazmus Sakib1471. Distance in the Tree4 Aug 2021 01:261  
WA 5Solus1471. Distance in the Tree20 Apr 2021 23:091  
WA2Alibi1471. Distance in the Tree17 Apr 2021 20:381  
TESTSSolus1471. Distance in the Tree17 Apr 2021 19:400  
WA13: HintKostyaRychkov1471. Distance in the Tree16 Aug 2020 20:330  
Runtime Error 14Михаил1471. Distance in the Tree15 Apr 2020 23:510  
#Test_13Nobodyquennteam1471. Distance in the Tree4 Apr 2020 14:520  
WA in teste case 12Auro Soares1471. Distance in the Tree5 Aug 2019 07:320  
WA on test 5Abhishek1471. Distance in the Tree8 Dec 2018 12:261  
WA#4vessel1471. Distance in the Tree8 Dec 2018 11:571  
hintASK1471. Distance in the Tree28 Sep 2018 14:311  
Which is the father node?Roby1471. Distance in the Tree6 Jan 2018 11:313  
Anyone crash test#2abc1471. Distance in the Tree14 Nov 2017 20:251  
AC in 0.249 and 8668 KB (RMQ for lca)sak3t1471. Distance in the Tree15 Jun 2017 22:061  
if there is no path from u to v , what's the output?invokerj1471. Distance in the Tree29 May 2017 15:331  
JavaDmitri Belous1471. Distance in the Tree10 Mar 2017 00:060  
test #5andrei parvu1471. Distance in the Tree22 Jan 2017 22:444  
Any Help in Runtime error (access violation) test #13Maged Milad1471. Distance in the Tree30 Jul 2015 20:241  
Crash (access violation) on test 1Abzal1471. Distance in the Tree28 Jul 2015 23:442  

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