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Discussion of Problem 1471. Distance in the Tree

wrong answer on test 1kirill1471. Distance in the Tree24 Jan 2014 13:180  
Wrong answer on Test#1gautamvs1471. Distance in the Tree13 Jun 2013 07:311  
WA3. Dmitry(Vologda ML)1471. Distance in the Tree14 Dec 2012 05:570  
who can give me test case #5? I got crash and I cannot figure out the reason...Ludovic1471. Distance in the Tree28 Nov 2012 04:165  
Anyone Crash Test 3?Georgy Kerensky1471. Distance in the Tree7 Oct 2012 19:419  
here is my code. can you help me?abc1471. Distance in the Tree26 Sep 2012 11:230  
can you give me test#2 i have wrong answer at test#2abc1471. Distance in the Tree26 Sep 2012 11:160  
why wrong answer at test#2abc1471. Distance in the Tree26 Sep 2012 11:150  
why it says compiler errorbayram1471. Distance in the Tree25 Sep 2012 13:410  
May be w=0 or notJohn1471. Distance in the Tree11 Aug 2012 16:491  
a problem with the first testDEAL1471. Distance in the Tree5 Apr 2012 15:311  
whay i got TLEBeautiful Mind1471. Distance in the Tree22 Aug 2011 23:495  
dfs+rmq=wa3?quick(YarSU)1471. Distance in the Tree22 Aug 2011 23:433  
Hint for DFS and Crash #3 !!!!!tiancaihb1471. Distance in the Tree16 Jan 2010 12:502  
To admins.-AlexandeR- (TNU)1471. Distance in the Tree28 Aug 2009 02:292  
I used RMQ, but wa #3lian lian1471. Distance in the Tree14 Nov 2008 21:360  
strange)FuckTheBrainUSA1471. Distance in the Tree5 Aug 2008 16:190  
Why a have WA #1?Roman1471. Distance in the Tree7 Jun 2007 21:000  
Multiple cases?TJU Hurricane1471. Distance in the Tree19 Jan 2007 05:021  
Why wa at test 3?SPIRiT1471. Distance in the Tree23 Oct 2006 13:013  

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