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Discussion of Problem 1489. Points on a Parallelepiped

Hint for WA#7Keworker `~1489. Points on a Parallelepiped3 Jul 2024 13:570  
WA on test 25Casio991ms1489. Points on a Parallelepiped18 Mar 2021 22:310  
Те у кого WA 10 все сюда Toshpulatov (MSU Tashkent)1489. Points on a Parallelepiped13 Feb 2020 20:030  
wa 10Michael Glushkov1489. Points on a Parallelepiped11 Nov 2019 21:390  
Why WA#4??? Please give me some testsRas Misha [t4ce]1489. Points on a Parallelepiped10 Jul 2018 16:324  
I do simple check to what part does the point below. What's wrong? WA#6. Some tricky tests? Thanks (-)Alexey1489. Points on a Parallelepiped30 Oct 2017 01:2010  
(1489!) Please, what answer is for this test: Nickolas1489. Points on a Parallelepiped30 Oct 2017 01:143  
if you hava wa8!Ching Tyan1489. Points on a Parallelepiped3 Oct 2014 19:214  
If you have WA#9.Ural FU CRUELCATSOLOLO (Kulaev, Orehov, Yankin)1489. Points on a Parallelepiped4 Jul 2014 18:441  
printf precision[]zhi (Bozhin Katsarski)1489. Points on a Parallelepiped30 Dec 2013 02:301  
Please AC's people come in.wcwswswws1489. Points on a Parallelepiped2 Aug 2012 23:133  
No subjecttime-lizk1489. Points on a Parallelepiped2 Sep 2010 12:291  
WA 13. Any tests?Programmer1489. Points on a Parallelepiped20 Jan 2010 13:301  
If you have WA#3Smilodon_am1489. Points on a Parallelepiped20 Jan 2010 11:320  
I can't understand my mistake (WA 4)Smusenok Sergiy Andriyovich (kHAI)1489. Points on a Parallelepiped2 Aug 2009 20:380  
I have WA 2.Dave-B1489. Points on a Parallelepiped29 May 2009 17:220  
WA 10AlAnt1489. Points on a Parallelepiped31 Mar 2009 21:491  
WA#42...What's fault?Yashar Abbasov1489. Points on a Parallelepiped3 Aug 2008 15:371  
...Crash_access_violation1489. Points on a Parallelepiped23 Dec 2007 17:460  
I have WA#12!!!!! PLEASE,GIVE ME SOME TESTS!!! CHIDEMYAN SERGEY1489. Points on a Parallelepiped11 Nov 2007 14:117  

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