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Discussion of Problem 1490. Fire Circle

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Interesting: Approaching to piKhranovsky`~1490. Fire Circle3 Apr 2018 15:112  
The sequenceComebackSeason1490. Fire Circle30 Jan 2018 00:022  
Test 10Ignat Zakrevsky1490. Fire Circle15 Jan 2015 16:102  
Some hintsStrong wind1490. Fire Circle1 May 2013 14:274  
what is wrong with my program? I cannot pass test10 and i cannot find any mistakes.williamljb1490. Fire Circle30 Jul 2012 20:153  
FLOOR SPACE IS INFINITEDenis Koshman1490. Fire Circle3 Jan 2011 12:502  
Test 10marks1490. Fire Circle20 Mar 2010 02:342  
Задача В. Причем здесь площадь 1000000.Artur Sayapov1490. Fire Circle24 Jun 2009 17:0914  
why i haven't crash on my computer for all tests?TereshinVS1490. Fire Circle24 Jun 2009 02:022  
WA #4!Please help1AKKAA1490. Fire Circle12 Jun 2009 01:132  
PLEASE HELP ME ANYBODY (give me test on 99999)tarashi (Kutaisi SU3)1490. Fire Circle4 May 2009 18:152  
Some testsIrka(Ulyanovsk) irina-kruglova@yandex.ru1490. Fire Circle28 Sep 2008 23:111  
Why WA 7Razvan Brezulianu1490. Fire Circle25 Sep 2008 14:411  
Crash On #10CHN_XT1490. Fire Circle16 Jul 2008 08:333  
Why i get WA on test 5? This is my solutionKrot Aleksandr(school 85)1490. Fire Circle12 Jan 2008 18:165  
Wa 5Todor Tsonkov1490. Fire Circle31 Oct 2006 17:301  
Составители сами не смогли решить свою задачуxz1490. Fire Circle21 Oct 2006 16:326  
I assumed that S=1000000, but WA#9. What's wrong? Should I listen to JavaTopCoder?Alexey1490. Fire Circle15 Oct 2006 15:453  
Why don't you change the statement? It's WRONG!Tbilisi SU: Andrew Lutsenko1490. Fire Circle14 Oct 2006 23:112  

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