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Discussion of Problem 1493. One Step from Happiness

runtime error pythonVitaly Nedzvetsky1493. One Step from Happiness10 Mar 2023 00:230  
WA 1, :(klimvetoshkin1493. One Step from Happiness5 Feb 2023 10:220  
Runtime error WA 14( Python)Akashi1493. One Step from Happiness13 Sep 2022 23:200  
GDE OWIBKA ? (JAVA)shaihin1493. One Step from Happiness13 Jan 2020 16:533  
AC in c++Yucheng1493. One Step from Happiness15 Feb 2019 12:480  
PASCAL WHY WA1??phloyd1493. One Step from Happiness15 Dec 2018 04:311  
Если будет ошибка на тесте 11 (WA11)Diversus1493. One Step from Happiness27 Jul 2018 20:011  
Problem 1493 "One Step from Happiness" has been rejudgedVladimir Yakovlev (USU)1493. One Step from Happiness3 Apr 2018 04:390  
не проходит первый тестKety Pirozhkova1493. One Step from Happiness24 Jan 2018 19:260  
I think my code is right but it is not getting accepted.Tanay1493. One Step from Happiness23 Nov 2017 13:440  
whats wrong with this code?it say wrong answersina roozegar1493. One Step from Happiness22 Nov 2017 21:340  
No subjectAndrey1493. One Step from Happiness12 Nov 2016 19:260  
Help me please with this task! CIgorabc11493. One Step from Happiness6 Sep 2016 00:231  
AC (VB .NET 2010)MEGAPLANET1493. One Step from Happiness24 Aug 2016 07:550  
The solution is correct but test1 says it's wrong :/Arusyak1493. One Step from Happiness16 Mar 2016 20:311  
Why?Sergey1493. One Step from Happiness2 Mar 2016 09:541  
Test #8 : Run-time error; Python script: help me fellasNeeraj Kumar1493. One Step from Happiness1 Jan 2016 13:550  
To admins. Example 2 1493. "В одном шаге от счастья".Anton_Ageikov1493. One Step from Happiness6 Nov 2015 22:472  
Wrong test #6 help me friends please !!!Jamshid Sattarov (TUIT Urgench)1493. One Step from Happiness2 Nov 2015 00:371  
Why C++ helpBarbs1493. One Step from Happiness1 Feb 2015 21:410  

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