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Discussion of Problem 1498. Stroke at Full Speed

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WA18 hintandreyDagger1498. Stroke at Full Speed6 Jun 2022 19:301  
WA #23Neralu1498. Stroke at Full Speed8 Mar 2021 00:051  
help!!!Dembel {AESC USU}1498. Stroke at Full Speed20 Jul 2019 19:502  
WA 5Mohit Kumar Basak1498. Stroke at Full Speed18 Oct 2018 21:301  
Question on subjectSemm1498. Stroke at Full Speed5 Jul 2016 17:042  
WA 18_I_1498. Stroke at Full Speed7 Dec 2011 14:098  
WA8nikenny1498. Stroke at Full Speed8 Jan 2010 02:091  
No subjectTEST1498. Stroke at Full Speed20 May 2009 14:241  
3 WAs before ACDenis Koshman1498. Stroke at Full Speed12 Aug 2008 10:451  
Please, give me some tests to check my program. I have WA#3. HELP!Alexey1498. Stroke at Full Speed12 Aug 2008 10:444  
WA 21Jony Inglish1498. Stroke at Full Speed17 May 2007 21:443  
Help me! I got WA14Dembel {AESC USU}1498. Stroke at Full Speed19 Oct 2006 18:551  
I am too stupid to dolve this problem...Alexander Sokolov [MAI]1498. Stroke at Full Speed19 Oct 2006 01:311  

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