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Discussion of Problem 1501. Sense of Beauty

If you have Runtime Error with Python solution at 8-19 testiron_orc1501. Sense of Beauty24 Jan 2022 03:270  
Useful test casesPravă Felix-Mihai1501. Sense of Beauty28 Apr 2021 19:310  
if you have WA6Viktor Krivoshchekov`~1501. Sense of Beauty28 Nov 2019 17:150  
Why wrong answer in case 12 ?Al Mahfuz1501. Sense of Beauty2 Jan 2018 07:190  
WA, Case 12, Help please.Al Mahfuz1501. Sense of Beauty2 Jan 2018 07:190  
How to solve. Mahilewets1501. Sense of Beauty14 Jul 2017 10:390  
WA on #6Double_O1501. Sense of Beauty10 Dec 2015 12:490  
Dynamic solution - help neededNarek Aghekyan1501. Sense of Beauty22 Oct 2014 05:321  
Why WA#6??????????????????/Neizvestnii1501. Sense of Beauty15 Oct 2013 21:263  
Why 22121112 why not 22121121?mehran1501. Sense of Beauty1 May 2013 19:231  
Any idea?Olympic Bear1501. Sense of Beauty10 Feb 2012 04:473  
WA#8 could anyone help me providing a test or any idea?jlcastrillon1501. Sense of Beauty17 Aug 2011 09:120  
WA9, give tests please!Vasily Slesarev1501. Sense of Beauty28 Jun 2011 13:274  
Finally AC!!zeroh1501. Sense of Beauty12 Sep 2008 21:391  
It't too hard for javaIambitious1501. Sense of Beauty6 Nov 2007 19:121  
hi, WA 12 ..... is any one know what the ... is in this test...Alireza_Keshmiri1501. Sense of Beauty31 Aug 2007 15:580  
I Got WA#1. But my algo passes the following three test cases.Kingway Jin1501. Sense of Beauty10 Mar 2007 18:102  
Why wa 18valdem1501. Sense of Beauty10 Mar 2007 18:070  
WA7tanas1501. Sense of Beauty22 Feb 2007 21:270  
Possible wrong example test#1Ont1501. Sense of Beauty9 Dec 2006 13:284  

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