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Discussion of Problem 1502. Domino Dots

WA5 SolutionȚigoan Matei1502. Domino Dots6 Dec 2020 14:400  
Почему на Паскале не проходит????????????????IT1502. Domino Dots11 Nov 2020 12:291  
вопрос снятDesserg1502. Domino Dots26 Nov 2019 11:311  
Wrong answer!!! Help plsLevchuk_vs161502. Domino Dots23 Jun 2019 16:261  
FormulaOrmanov Meirkhan1502. Domino Dots15 May 2017 17:310  
Testsfff14051502. Domino Dots27 Dec 2015 21:360  
Help to understand!!Desire1502. Domino Dots27 Nov 2015 01:201  
Formula is good but....competitivecoder1502. Domino Dots4 Nov 2015 14:180  
Can anybody explain the example...Urrong1502. Domino Dots12 Jun 2015 03:173  
Wrong answer in Java 1.7Axmadjon1502. Domino Dots1 May 2014 12:330  
ACSaligzhanov_KB_131502. Domino Dots14 Dec 2013 05:300  
TestZeva [USU]1502. Domino Dots30 Jul 2013 17:5517  
Careful with the i/o system u use for test N#5HeypaBHoBeceH1502. Domino Dots16 Jul 2013 05:102  
it is very easy mariam kupatadze1502. Domino Dots6 Feb 2013 22:173  
My formulaPrankMaN1502. Domino Dots16 Oct 2012 15:222  
Why 0.015?partisan1502. Domino Dots16 Oct 2012 15:151  
Way WA#5????? please helpAlireza_Keshmiri1502. Domino Dots16 Nov 2011 03:313  
Some testsAndrew Hoffmann aka SKYDOS [Vladimir SU]1502. Domino Dots5 Jul 2011 02:351  
What's wrong here?Xysia1502. Domino Dots20 Feb 2010 20:121  
Wrong answer test#5GulfStream1502. Domino Dots8 Nov 2009 03:464  

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