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Discussion of Problem 1509. Domino Recognition

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Hintyyll1509. Domino Recognition14 Jun 2021 17:231  
help with 52 pls🎧 Vadim Barinov \Frez_Fstilus/'`1509. Domino Recognition14 Jan 2018 02:112  
Sol with WA 46, 47, 48🎧 Vadim Barinov \Frez_Fstilus/'`1509. Domino Recognition14 Jan 2018 02:082  
Самая непонятная задача!!!!!xurshid_n1509. Domino Recognition21 Aug 2012 15:511  
One Hint and a lot of testsLeonid (SLenik) Andrievskiy1509. Domino Recognition1 May 2011 02:461  
It seems that test 51 has garbage after test datahedrok <ONPU>1509. Domino Recognition2 Jun 2010 18:482  
Что за тесты?AndreySUrSU1509. Domino Recognition31 Aug 2008 08:599  
Give me PLEASE test 46 (I think it is n=2)Hayk1509. Domino Recognition5 Oct 2007 21:078  
asRostislav1509. Domino Recognition28 Jan 2007 22:209  
1509svr1509. Domino Recognition21 Jan 2007 23:295  

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