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Discussion of Problem 1512. Zinium

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Метод отжига TL 16Toshpulatov (MSU Tashkent)1512. Zinium18 Jan 2020 18:211  
I got AC used random. Is there solution without random?EfremovAleksei1512. Zinium31 Oct 2009 21:547  
Anybody can tell me how to solve this using random?VNTU Vitaly(Traning)1512. Zinium25 Apr 2009 23:171  
Why FullSearch give so quick RESULT?Piratek-(akaDK)1512. Zinium18 Apr 2009 02:582  
WA#1Illia1512. Zinium22 Jan 2008 19:141  
WA #5Machvi1512. Zinium3 Sep 2007 17:452  
I have one question!!PSV1512. Zinium4 Apr 2007 23:224  
What's wrong?Muchacho1512. Zinium2 Apr 2007 14:052  
No subjectKubkina Yulia Yurevna1512. Zinium12 Jan 2007 08:383  
please, give me any hints!EfremovAleksei1512. Zinium23 Dec 2006 22:511  
What is the meaning of the Fail(Validator) on test 9? Is it mean that my solution is wrong or there is your bug ??? Please fix it.Simonenko Vladislav1512. Zinium17 Dec 2006 20:412  
What's the meaning of "Fail (validator)" at test16lqhl1512. Zinium17 Dec 2006 17:253  
[admins]: Please fix the bug with fail validator on 16th test !!!!!!!!Simonenko Vladislav1512. Zinium17 Dec 2006 05:461  
Compilation error Kubkina Yulia Yurevna1512. Zinium16 Dec 2006 17:281  

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