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Discussion of Problem 1513. Lemon Tale

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高精度。。。chenguanhong1513. Lemon Tale1 Aug 2018 17:502  
Explain why my sol is incorrectMahilewets1513. Lemon Tale20 May 2017 18:343  
WA 12Sirko1513. Lemon Tale23 Feb 2017 15:512  
WA 22Combatcook1513. Lemon Tale4 Dec 2016 20:243  
up to 10 lines of code, oeis.org shows you why it is dp after using some tests like 4 1,4 2, 4 3, 4 4 / simple taskesbybb1513. Lemon Tale2 Dec 2016 03:162  
WA #7Vitalik1513. Lemon Tale4 Jul 2016 13:181  
Some test cases.Takanashi Rikka1513. Lemon Tale2 Mar 2016 13:401  
I use DP, but it works too slow. How to make it faster? (-)AlMag1513. Lemon Tale2 Mar 2016 13:3814  
WA#1 Who can find an error in my prog? =)intueor1513. Lemon Tale7 Feb 2014 18:471  
WA in test case #11 My code matches the output for 30 30Fahim Zubayer1513. Lemon Tale27 Aug 2012 08:102  
WA test #5gaston7701513. Lemon Tale19 Mar 2012 15:182  
WA #21Artem1513. Lemon Tale29 Feb 2012 01:001  
WA #2Ruki1513. Lemon Tale16 Sep 2011 18:391  
O(n) algo with java BigInteger is getting TLE 15 HELP PLEASEmuhammad1513. Lemon Tale25 Jun 2010 16:362  
WA#11khanh45a3kct1513. Lemon Tale19 Jan 2010 14:385  
Algo to solveTutanhamon1513. Lemon Tale17 Oct 2009 01:413  
Please give me any test.Thank!!!Search1513. Lemon Tale3 May 2008 02:431  
Please help. Is my algo corect!?Lomir1513. Lemon Tale26 Sep 2007 19:426  
IF N=K?CHIDEMYAN SERGEY1513. Lemon Tale31 Aug 2007 23:574  
WA#4Bespaly Evgeny1513. Lemon Tale30 Aug 2007 17:523  

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