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Discussion of Problem 1514. National Park

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HintOpenGL1514. National Park28 Dec 2020 19:502  
help me with case 8iakwal1514. National Park18 Aug 2018 14:301  
If there is three equal points than perimeter equals zero? [-]NotImplemented1514. National Park27 Nov 2015 01:333  
What i must know to solve it?EfremovAleksei1514. National Park19 Oct 2013 00:502  
Test 16Victor Barinov (TNU)1514. National Park6 Jun 2013 10:562  
Who can send on my e-mail AC solution?OpenGL1514. National Park3 Aug 2009 19:571  
yeah, funAlexander Kouprin1514. National Park3 Aug 2009 17:421  
Hint:N.M.Hieu ( DHSP )1514. National Park25 Oct 2008 02:011  
Can you give a hint on how to solve this problem?Hao Hu (Ikki @ Nanjing University)1514. National Park28 Mar 2007 14:484  
WA16 What is special in this test? i can't find the bug in my progAlias (Alexander Prudaev)1514. National Park18 Feb 2007 00:267  
WA #1! Is it a joke? (+)Vedernikoff Sergey1514. National Park29 Jan 2007 14:593  
What does "Wrong answer on Test # 16" mean?Hao Hu (Ikki @ Nanjing University)1514. National Park25 Dec 2006 15:012  
Can you give me a hint on test case #17?Hao Hu (Ikki @ Nanjing University)1514. National Park24 Dec 2006 12:431  
Do I have to use non-recursive program to pass this problem?Hao Hu (Ikki @ Nanjing University)1514. National Park24 Dec 2006 11:541  

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