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Discussion of Problem 1523. K-inversions

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How to decrease mod operations?👾_challenger128_[PermSU]1523. K-inversions16 Nov 2020 18:151  
wa#7, some tests, plzMegatron1523. K-inversions10 Jul 2020 21:089  
DP+BITajay jadhav1523. K-inversions9 May 2020 21:551  
It took pretty long time Mahilewets1523. K-inversions17 Jul 2017 16:521  
Used DP+BITsak3t1523. K-inversions22 Jun 2017 14:001  
Give me proof why following approach is wrongMahilewets1523. K-inversions22 Jun 2017 13:532  
WA #7 HintTakanashi Rikka1523. K-inversions25 Feb 2016 17:521  
Some Hint :Adhambek1523. K-inversions25 Nov 2014 16:531  
Can Anyone provide algorithm for this problem. I am not able to figure out!!!pankaj kumar1523. K-inversions19 Sep 2013 16:201  
How to solve this task? n*n*k=4e+9 - too long... (-)Dart MirzMan C++ Edition (Mirzoyan Alexey, Rybinsk SAAT)1523. K-inversions18 Apr 2012 05:498  
pay attention to %10^7 every step, i was trapped here for twicestupidjohn1523. K-inversions30 Jun 2011 15:251  
Wa 10, pls helpEnergy1523. K-inversions14 Aug 2009 20:481  
WA4Roman1523. K-inversions7 Nov 2008 16:285  
What's the answer forIgor Dex1523. K-inversions17 Jul 2008 14:023  
WA #9Anton [SUrSU]1523. K-inversions19 Feb 2007 23:222  

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