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Discussion of Problem 1524. Men in Black

Questions on statementJane Soboleva (SumNU)1524. Men in Black25 Sep 2021 13:111  
ACCEPTED!!!! PASCAL SOLUTIONmNT1524. Men in Black1 Sep 2018 16:340  
AcceptedShen Yang1524. Men in Black20 Oct 2016 05:530  
to adminsVasilenko Oleg (South Ural State University)1524. Men in Black22 Jul 2010 20:330  
wa4Milanin (TNU)1524. Men in Black11 May 2010 13:321  
statementtnu21524. Men in Black4 May 2010 22:121  
To Admins (and not only): Test #6nikonoff ( ex_ONPU )1524. Men in Black9 Mar 2010 12:001  
Place more samples!!!(-)Sergey Lazarev (MSU Tashkent)1524. Men in Black24 Feb 2010 21:045  
Problem is locked until incorrect tests will be fixedVladimir Yakovlev (USU)1524. Men in Black29 Jan 2010 18:111  
sample output was corrected to incorrect ...nikonoff (ONPU)1524. Men in Black18 Sep 2009 18:000  
if agents are missingnikonoff (ONPU)1524. Men in Black17 Sep 2009 19:451  
statement suggestionnikonoff (ONPU)1524. Men in Black17 Sep 2009 14:030  
"hedrok-bot". Delete this account! More than 2500 submissions during 1 day!Sergey Lazarev (MSU Tashkent)1524. Men in Black11 Sep 2009 22:070  
Mistake in statement.Sergey Lazarev (MSU Tashkent)1524. Men in Black28 Aug 2009 20:081  
To admins. Mistake in statement (or in sample test).Sergey Lazarev (MSU Tashkent)1524. Men in Black25 Aug 2009 02:111  
what's wrong with time???nikonoff (ONPU)1524. Men in Black8 Sep 2008 17:211  
Перевод на русскийVas1524. Men in Black10 Apr 2008 19:081  
Clarification request (+)Vedernikoff Sergey1524. Men in Black24 Feb 2007 00:240  
Sample output was corrected (-)Vladimir Yakovlev (USU)1524. Men in Black19 Feb 2007 01:360  

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