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Discussion of Problem 1528. Sequence

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Solved have a question about unsigned integer arithmetic in C/C++Mahilewets1528. Sequence28 Jun 2017 13:121  
A fast algo?ONU_17851528. Sequence2 Jan 2012 03:362  
So Fast SolutionM@STeR.SoBG1528. Sequence2 Jan 2012 03:343  
Accepted in java with only 1 sec....&786kb :-)Varun Kumar(Fundu)1528. Sequence6 Jan 2011 11:352  
if you don't know why the answer is n!%pMegatron1528. Sequence17 Feb 2009 19:141  
Why WA5?[中山一中]Rabidstorm1528. Sequence26 Dec 2008 10:301  
how to prove it?FLYlemonsky1528. Sequence17 Dec 2008 19:002  
why WA on test 7(!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)Petrosian Alexander1528. Sequence30 Jun 2008 16:306  
Explanationjagatsastry1528. Sequence11 Feb 2008 15:241  
terribleMachvi1528. Sequence15 Dec 2007 21:507  
WA 5. What's the problem?Roman Atangulov1528. Sequence7 Nov 2007 23:412  
Output Limit Exceeded ?wongiseng1528. Sequence31 Oct 2007 02:511  
The problem 1528 is under investigation (+)Sandro (USU)1528. Sequence13 Mar 2007 11:314  
WA 5ASKAR1528. Sequence18 Feb 2007 20:422  
some examplesRadekDembkowski1528. Sequence18 Feb 2007 18:132  

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