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Discussion of Problem 1530. Ones and Zeroes

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WA#113a[3.141592..]Jlu1530. Ones and Zeroes25 Oct 2011 22:262  
Which operation is A + B?..Enots: Revolution1530. Ones and Zeroes14 Jul 2008 01:524  
A hint ?Yosif Yosifov1530. Ones and Zeroes14 Jul 2008 01:479  
help WA 17Giorgi Saghinadze (Tbilisi SU)1530. Ones and Zeroes14 Jul 2008 01:433  
what mean "lexicographically first compatible pair" ?dibrov.bor[SumySU]1530. Ones and Zeroes14 Jul 2008 01:403  
What is the test #3? I Always WA in this test (-)Dart MirzMan C++ Edition (Mirzoyan Alexey, Rybinsk SAAT)1530. Ones and Zeroes30 Apr 2007 18:235  
what's wrong in my prog?m2m1530. Ones and Zeroes23 Feb 2007 05:041  
A+B operationPaul Diac1530. Ones and Zeroes21 Feb 2007 12:512  
Unclear problem definition(+)diver[rus]1530. Ones and Zeroes19 Feb 2007 14:124  
Is it correct ?BKHN1530. Ones and Zeroes18 Feb 2007 17:072  
Correct AnswerWitek Szymaniak1530. Ones and Zeroes18 Feb 2007 16:161  
Are there sequences p and q compatible?Stepanko%POLYTEH%1530. Ones and Zeroes18 Feb 2007 15:133  

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