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Discussion of Problem 1543. Dance Revolution

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WA8Evgeny Nemtsev [UrFU]`1543. Dance Revolution16 Sep 2016 00:411  
clarificationKorduban [Kiev]1543. Dance Revolution21 Aug 2008 21:065  
If you have WA9Denis Koshman1543. Dance Revolution21 Aug 2008 21:011  
БредKrayev Alexey (PSU)1543. Dance Revolution8 Sep 2007 20:3611  
Pls, pls, pls help with WA 10?!?(+)CF# /*Anoshin,Sotov,Khuramshin*/1543. Dance Revolution9 May 2007 13:502  
Could the action log be not sorted?CF# /*Anoshin,Sotov,Khuramshin*/1543. Dance Revolution30 Apr 2007 22:252  
TEST 10! Or any OTHER!CF# /*Anoshin,Sotov,Khuramshin*/1543. Dance Revolution24 Apr 2007 19:061  
Incorrect statementVedernikoff Sergey1543. Dance Revolution24 Apr 2007 12:444  
Another clarificationRuben Spaans1543. Dance Revolution22 Apr 2007 12:252  

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