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Discussion of Problem 1546. Japanese Sorting

test 9Anna Misiewicz1546. Japanese Sorting1 Nov 2019 17:470  
Who know how the 2nd test looks like??Last_Vikings1546. Japanese Sorting3 Jan 2018 19:2116  
Переход с компилятора Intel C++ 7 на компиляторы G++ 4.7.2 и Visual C++ 2010Vasilenko Oleg Sergeevich, Chelyabinsk1546. Japanese Sorting13 Oct 2013 18:180  
Run time error 7 (Access Violation)DR. Zhihua Lai1546. Japanese Sorting28 Mar 2013 23:081  
When TLE 24AterLux1546. Japanese Sorting14 Jan 2012 19:411  
strange memory limit C++???messir1546. Japanese Sorting29 Apr 2011 02:461  
Why I have CRASH on test 6CF# /*Anoshin,Sotov,Khuramshin*/1546. Japanese Sorting11 Jul 2010 22:413  
Test 3Fyodor Menshikov1546. Japanese Sorting8 Feb 2009 22:310  
About The TestdataSuperScz1546. Japanese Sorting14 Jul 2008 20:332  
5mahbubul1546. Japanese Sorting14 Jul 2008 20:331  
TestRoman1546. Japanese Sorting14 Jul 2008 20:332  
It seems that the sorting rule is the same as the rule windows XP used to sort files...fOrgIvE1546. Japanese Sorting14 Jul 2008 20:328  
The Solution to this misleading, ill-stated problem. Simpler to code than to explain.Anisimov Dmitry1546. Japanese Sorting14 Jul 2008 20:313  
Can be such test?Taran_Alex1546. Japanese Sorting14 Jul 2008 20:302  
What's wrong with my algo?inkognito1546. Japanese Sorting14 Jul 2008 20:291  
Can I get the answer for my question?????????M@rk_o[Lviv NU]1546. Japanese Sorting10 Jul 2007 20:451  
How to stop inputing string in C#? While s != String.Empty or... ?Crazy_serbs1546. Japanese Sorting2 May 2007 12:241  

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