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Discussion of Problem 1562. GM-pineapple

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Ellipsoidal capdie_young1562. GM-pineapple11 Jul 2018 19:541  
Hint test 9Cebotari Vladislav1562. GM-pineapple30 Dec 2016 14:591  
TEST 11George1562. GM-pineapple31 Jan 2016 11:521  
Some testsFelix_Mate1562. GM-pineapple19 Aug 2015 19:451  
Solutionadamant1562. GM-pineapple6 Oct 2014 02:004  
How can I show numbers after dot? Which function I have to use?Lareon1562. GM-pineapple14 Mar 2014 00:073  
Странности какиеZelch1562. GM-pineapple13 Oct 2013 21:561  
WA1IgorKoval(from Pskov)1562. GM-pineapple19 Sep 2011 16:321  
WA # 9! Please give me some tests!!!Enigma [UB of TUIT]1562. GM-pineapple14 Sep 2011 17:063  
Test 14Anna Gandilyan1562. GM-pineapple24 Jul 2009 00:092  
test WA11Zhasulan1562. GM-pineapple21 Mar 2009 13:092  
very difficult!St. Medved Command (Mezin & Taran)1562. GM-pineapple19 Oct 2007 16:542  
test 9 Marcin Witkowski1562. GM-pineapple7 Oct 2007 19:181  

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