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Discussion of Problem 1574. Mathematicians and brackets

You can use a segment tree for brace balance checkingLevon Oganesyan1574. Mathematicians and brackets24 Aug 2020 13:080  
Why WA#8?Chernov Andrey [Vladimir SU]1574. Mathematicians and brackets24 Aug 2020 00:324  
O(n)jagatsastry1574. Mathematicians and brackets28 May 2018 18:306  
WA #33Dmitri Belous1574. Mathematicians and brackets21 Oct 2017 19:400  
Some testsFelix_Mate1574. Mathematicians and brackets5 Dec 2015 17:440  
If u have WA#13Vladimir Plyashkun [USU]1574. Mathematicians and brackets21 Feb 2014 21:300  
O(n) C Accepted 0.031 108 КБSunnat1574. Mathematicians and brackets13 Nov 2012 18:190  
Some testsMOPDOBOPOT (USU)1574. Mathematicians and brackets27 Jul 2012 14:160  
I can't understand the exaplesONU_Latysh1574. Mathematicians and brackets9 Feb 2012 16:582  
O(n) time, O(1) memoryvlyubin1574. Mathematicians and brackets8 Feb 2012 08:050  
why 6#Mamont1574. Mathematicians and brackets15 Jan 2011 01:141  
example 2 why 2?Catalin Pol1574. Mathematicians and brackets21 Sep 2009 22:592  
What is test #4 (crash on it) and mistake in the code?virus1574. Mathematicians and brackets19 Sep 2009 06:241  
WA#14r1d11574. Mathematicians and brackets30 Aug 2009 07:390  
Problem 1574 "Mathematicians and brackets" has been rejudged (+)Sandro (USU)1574. Mathematicians and brackets5 May 2009 10:103  
To admins!OpenGL1574. Mathematicians and brackets1 Feb 2009 11:342  
example 3 why 1?marius dumitran1574. Mathematicians and brackets16 Jul 2008 21:014  
Why WA #11?prtest1574. Mathematicians and brackets21 Mar 2008 15:210  

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