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Discussion of Problem 1589. Sokoban

Sokoban visualizerGrandmaster1589. Sokoban6 Jun 2022 01:520  
Has anyone calculated the maximum possible number of boxes?† SiriuS †1589. Sokoban25 Mar 2022 18:190  
TLE #62Oracle[Lviv NU]1589. Sokoban6 Jun 2019 05:544  
Any other suggestion?adityarev1589. Sokoban5 Jun 2019 12:531  
give a configuration, is there O(P) sol to judge it has a sol??Shen Yang1589. Sokoban13 Jan 2019 12:421  
TL 57 give me some hard test dataVitalii Arbuzov1589. Sokoban17 Aug 2018 14:595  
how to submit in visual C++ 2017Shen Yang1589. Sokoban8 Dec 2017 11:430  
admin,please check test case 18Shen Yang1589. Sokoban7 Dec 2017 12:011  
there are about 3*10^7 states not consider the position of player.Shen Yang1589. Sokoban15 Nov 2016 13:121  
Hallelujah, how did you solved this problem so quickly?Orient1589. Sokoban2 May 2016 16:191  
Problem 1589 "Sokoban". New tests addedVladimir Yakovlev (USU)1589. Sokoban6 Sep 2011 01:264  
to adminsVasilenko Oleg (South Ural State University)1589. Sokoban18 Apr 2010 18:376  
Question about judgeKiedaP1589. Sokoban3 Apr 2010 20:072  
to adminsProgbeat1589. Sokoban4 Dec 2009 11:097  
admins : Test 3 is incorrectSasha Bar [TNU]1589. Sokoban26 Jul 2009 21:071  
Is there anyone who accepted?gnaggnoyil1589. Sokoban16 Apr 2009 23:181  
WA#7shangjingbo1589. Sokoban27 Nov 2008 10:540  
WA#3 - can anybody give me some tests?Oracle1589. Sokoban26 Nov 2008 17:394  
About test 3Orenburg SU 71589. Sokoban17 Oct 2008 09:411  
Problem with checker3AbEI/I1589. Sokoban29 Oct 2007 00:206  

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