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Discussion of Problem 1590. Bacon’s Cipher

Solved with hashes XDFaNato4kA_TiMoFeYa1590. Bacon’s Cipher12 Mar 2024 23:470  
WA 3Cat361590. Bacon’s Cipher22 Jul 2023 18:054  
WA2farmer.261590. Bacon’s Cipher20 Aug 2021 16:260  
TL test 2. Why??????????????DimaLahtin`~1590. Bacon’s Cipher5 Nov 2019 21:360  
To adminsbasuki1590. Bacon’s Cipher17 May 2019 00:160  
Actually hashes workARK (***AESC_USU***)1590. Bacon’s Cipher27 Jan 2018 02:092  
with a basic LCP and using not a fast prefix sort you might solve 1590 in 0.45 seconds on java 1.8esbybb1590. Bacon’s Cipher15 Sep 2015 15:251  
I use Suffix array and Z-function. Both of them get me AcceptedAdhambek1590. Bacon’s Cipher3 Dec 2014 15:280  
A simple solution using suffix arrays吕蒙子明1590. Bacon’s Cipher20 Jun 2014 20:542  
WA3I.Smirn0ff1590. Bacon’s Cipher26 Mar 2014 22:131  
Solution with prefix-function, but without KMPadamant1590. Bacon’s Cipher22 Feb 2014 01:280  
Why N*N TL???Furious Wolf1590. Bacon’s Cipher20 Jul 2012 21:347  
Finally got acceptedJAVATAR1590. Bacon’s Cipher20 Jul 2012 21:321  
Problem 1590 "Bacon’s Cipher" was rejudged...†.†.†... Stigius ...†.†.†...1590. Bacon’s Cipher20 Jul 2012 12:303  
AcceptedSuckerfur1590. Bacon’s Cipher6 May 2012 12:540  
Can we use hashes?Khamitbekov Madi1590. Bacon’s Cipher9 Feb 2012 07:102  
Can solve with hash?vanla1590. Bacon’s Cipher1 Nov 2011 23:461  
No subjectAybek1590. Bacon’s Cipher6 Jul 2011 01:411  
About the solving approach(+)SPIRiT1590. Bacon’s Cipher24 Jun 2011 01:178  
What is s "substring" here?Vedernikoff Sergey1590. Bacon’s Cipher27 Oct 2010 16:205  

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