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Discussion of Problem 1603. Erudite

TLandreyDagger1603. Erudite20 Sep 2021 15:250  
stop asking #3 WA - HINT heremelkiy1603. Erudite10 May 2020 04:247  
You can mix Aho-Corasick and DFS to get very fast solution Mahilewets1603. Erudite15 Jul 2017 22:440  
After getting TL or WA you might be interested in this not efficient way (java AC 0.5s, 17Mbs)esbybb1603. Erudite31 Aug 2015 21:310  
if you got WA3Ahmadjon1603. Erudite21 Oct 2014 00:040  
Does the test#1 coincide with the sample test?lenny1603. Erudite26 Apr 2013 14:590  
TLE 5MOPDOBOPOT (USU)1603. Erudite4 Sep 2012 21:272  
No subjectMOPDOBOPOT (USU)1603. Erudite25 Aug 2012 23:310  
WA #6Artem1603. Erudite5 Mar 2012 20:130  
hintAnton1603. Erudite21 Feb 2012 09:240  
WA #3 Again!Nurbek_[KTMU MANAS]1603. Erudite30 Nov 2010 07:513  
Please look here... wa3Crash_access_violation1603. Erudite30 Nov 2010 07:497  
Plese give me test!!!!!vetal1603. Erudite15 Mar 2009 23:350  
WA3 here is my Code Help MEfuch_prog_er1603. Erudite2 Mar 2009 00:470  
WA 3 :( helpfuch_prog_er1603. Erudite2 Mar 2009 00:160  
Output order !!OSt [Vologda SPU]1603. Erudite5 Jan 2009 23:180  
Why I got WA2?:(Michail Golubev1603. Erudite3 Sep 2008 21:510  
Want to hear the quick decision of the problem.ACM.Krupko_Victor[Ivanovo SPU]1603. Erudite15 May 2008 21:330  
I get WA3Ilya001(Java)1603. Erudite14 May 2008 12:501  
to admins: what is test 11, i can't get it for 10 times!AndrKonin1603. Erudite26 Apr 2008 23:340  

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