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Discussion of Problem 1612. Tram Forum

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c++ regex save meHaloom1612. Tram Forum10 May 2019 11:341  
Hint for WA6Leonid (SLenik) Andrievskiy1612. Tram Forum1 Mar 2019 15:275  
Test 6, can anyone help?Markfryazino1612. Tram Forum6 Sep 2018 01:011  
acceptedMikhail1612. Tram Forum4 Jun 2018 13:411  
if you have WA25 | WA24 (Java | C#)Maxm1612. Tram Forum21 Apr 2018 20:221  
some testsFrostCode1612. Tram Forum22 Jun 2016 01:502  
hint wa22Evgeniy[VVV]1612. Tram Forum29 Jan 2015 16:291  
easypeezyproblemMinayev {SESC USU}1612. Tram Forum13 Nov 2014 17:211  
AC Java using Reg expressionPaata Julakidze[GTU]1612. Tram Forum19 Apr 2014 17:261  
wa22Pasky1612. Tram Forum28 Feb 2014 17:404  
help read data in JavaAnna1612. Tram Forum24 Nov 2013 23:161  
WA #24FBI1612. Tram Forum21 Nov 2013 11:451  
To adminsalex_r1612. Tram Forum18 Jan 2013 19:133  
WA 25jiyujie1612. Tram Forum28 Apr 2012 18:332  
No subjectTESTER1612. Tram Forum12 Apr 2012 22:042  
AC Solution C#: Use Linq Hikmat Ahmedov1612. Tram Forum9 Mar 2012 00:121  
Why am i constantly getting WA24?ONU_17851612. Tram Forum7 Jan 2012 01:403  
Why WA on test 24?!ilya_romanenko1612. Tram Forum4 Sep 2011 20:322  
Why WA on Test 24? Dr Zhihua Lai1612. Tram Forum28 Aug 2011 22:492  
To adminsLLIRIK1612. Tram Forum28 Aug 2011 22:352  

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