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Discussion of Problem 1628. White Streaks

WA8vtalgo21_RKhuzin1628. White Streaks29 Apr 2021 19:300  
give some tests{AESC MSU}Vadim Kaushanskiy1628. White Streaks8 May 2020 10:583  
Incomplete testsvtalgo20_NAkatyev1628. White Streaks19 Apr 2020 23:550  
If you have WA 7Toshpulatov (MSU Tashkent)1628. White Streaks31 Mar 2020 16:400  
Give 13 test pleasevtalgo20_egurin1628. White Streaks29 Mar 2020 01:520  
OFFER YOU SOME CLARIFICATIONscidylanpno1628. White Streaks7 May 2019 12:140  
What is Test 1?Norbert Nolte1628. White Streaks14 Apr 2014 14:052  
some explain about sample#1 & some testhoan1628. White Streaks28 Dec 2013 03:412  
ClarificationVedernikoff Sergey (HSE: EconomicsForever!)1628. White Streaks25 Jan 2012 19:4014  
Why this problem is classified as Data Structure?ahyangyi(newer id)1628. White Streaks11 Dec 2011 10:442  
Funny tests! QSort must die =)Pavel Khaustov [Tomsk PU]1628. White Streaks12 Jan 2009 00:360  
What a strange thing!!!Genesis1628. White Streaks19 Oct 2008 23:430  
If GraphNikolai Besschetnov1628. White Streaks17 Oct 2008 21:321  
I got TLE #21SerailHydra1628. White Streaks17 Oct 2008 08:430  
I can't understand problem statementAli1628. White Streaks15 Oct 2008 18:151  
No subjecthess1628. White Streaks12 Oct 2008 03:272  
60000 not very large but...svr1628. White Streaks12 Oct 2008 03:171  
Что значит "максимальная по включению"????ФАМИКОН1628. White Streaks11 Oct 2008 17:433  
Что за тесты????Dekado1628. White Streaks11 Oct 2008 16:166  

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