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Discussion of Problem 1640. Circle of Winter

WA 7 Help PleaseSharakshinov1640. Circle of Winter12 Nov 2020 22:270  
Funny questionguilty spark1640. Circle of Winter12 Oct 2020 00:080  
std::deque if you want an easy ACComebackSeason1640. Circle of Winter11 Jul 2017 16:052  
If restrictions on the radius were lower, what would be a good algorithm for the problem?Jihan Yin1640. Circle of Winter31 May 2017 01:341  
PrecisionFilip Franik1640. Circle of Winter14 Apr 2016 15:511  
Very simple!Mescheryakov_Kirill1640. Circle of Winter29 Jun 2015 19:000  
#8 Any Help pleaseprog_islam1640. Circle of Winter18 Apr 2015 01:500  
Hint.Gleb_Kazantaev(NNSTU)1640. Circle of Winter26 Jun 2014 23:580  
Python hintXel1640. Circle of Winter26 May 2014 20:160  
WA #4Anuar1640. Circle of Winter9 Nov 2012 22:104  
HintPlamen_N1640. Circle of Winter21 May 2012 21:000  
Can Sandro teleport to origin point?DEF1640. Circle of Winter24 Nov 2011 19:207  
How to choose coordinate point?optimus1640. Circle of Winter9 Nov 2011 02:042  
Strange testsGeorge_Aloyan[PTSObninsk]1640. Circle of Winter21 Oct 2011 14:110  
This problem is so ~~~cute~~~zxy_snow1640. Circle of Winter13 Sep 2011 13:150  
Such an easy problem!Hrayr1640. Circle of Winter3 Jul 2011 15:540  
How to slove this problem?fen1640. Circle of Winter15 Jun 2011 20:540  
Test 25Moonstone1640. Circle of Winter25 May 2010 01:002  
curiously, g++, version 4.3.2 build it. But your Intel didn't.[neUSU]And_IV1640. Circle of Winter20 Mar 2010 03:121  
I can't understand the problemdwadwqe1640. Circle of Winter28 Oct 2008 15:150  

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