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Discussion of Problem 1644. A Whole Lot of Walnuts

why difficulty is 96?Anton1644. A Whole Lot of Walnuts25 Jul 2021 17:220  
why doesn't it work? javaArgin1644. A Whole Lot of Walnuts12 Mar 2020 20:582  
AC C++D4nick1644. A Whole Lot of Walnuts9 Mar 2020 01:400  
WA 24!!!! WHAT'S WRONG?????????????Maria1644. A Whole Lot of Walnuts19 Dec 2018 18:462  
If u got WA #1ELDVN1644. A Whole Lot of Walnuts15 Nov 2015 02:480  
Why WA1 with GoLang?RemmargorP1644. A Whole Lot of Walnuts23 Jun 2015 16:370  
My ACTUITUF_Temurbek1644. A Whole Lot of Walnuts17 Jun 2015 13:141  
java ACesbybb1644. A Whole Lot of Walnuts16 Jun 2015 05:281  
Test 3 has been detected!!!Alibi1644. A Whole Lot of Walnuts13 Jun 2015 01:361  
Wa 8Zharenkov_ssau1644. A Whole Lot of Walnuts13 Jun 2015 01:343  
HELP!!! WA14Alibi1644. A Whole Lot of Walnuts29 Dec 2014 15:470  
WA #3, plz, help!!!Masterpiece1644. A Whole Lot of Walnuts28 Apr 2014 17:203  
Very easy problem!!!!!!Enigma [UB of TUIT]1644. A Whole Lot of Walnuts23 Jan 2013 16:551  
Handling InputHappyPerson1644. A Whole Lot of Walnuts4 Nov 2012 09:411  
I give up ,WA#12Pegasus1644. A Whole Lot of Walnuts24 Sep 2012 21:582  
If n=1????? help!!zsyzYYK1644. A Whole Lot of Walnuts23 Sep 2012 00:544  
WA #3Tigran Apoyan (RAU)1644. A Whole Lot of Walnuts14 May 2012 00:310  
Почему не проходит!!!!Kvasela1644. A Whole Lot of Walnuts28 Apr 2012 18:381  
WA#15. I posted my C codeSpartakusMd1644. A Whole Lot of Walnuts15 Mar 2012 16:320  
Wa #1Apollon761644. A Whole Lot of Walnuts21 Jan 2012 21:550  

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