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Discussion of Problem 1651. Shortest Subchain

WA 13Dias1651. Shortest Subchain5 Feb 2021 22:212  
WA3 and WA12Levon Oganesyan1651. Shortest Subchain8 May 2020 21:502  
Как вибирать из двух одинаковых по длине ответов?Bazeev Damir`~1651. Shortest Subchain11 Feb 2018 10:400  
WA 4Bazeev Damir`~1651. Shortest Subchain9 Feb 2018 19:530  
WA test 5McArchuk1651. Shortest Subchain26 Oct 2017 08:353  
WA 15LastOne1651. Shortest Subchain30 Aug 2017 08:511  
Could anyone provide me with an O(n) solution? My works O(n log(n))Sq11651. Shortest Subchain5 Jan 2017 21:360  
What's the ? with the 5-th test ?..{AESC MSU} Junk1651. Shortest Subchain12 Apr 2016 22:412  
WA test 7
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A.Z1651. Shortest Subchain29 Nov 2015 09:1431  
WA#3 help me!liujian1651. Shortest Subchain10 Sep 2015 07:250  
Help!!! Felix_Mate1651. Shortest Subchain24 Jun 2015 22:440  
WA 16?Ankur Mittal1651. Shortest Subchain19 Oct 2014 04:200  
why wrong 7mingotlik1651. Shortest Subchain26 Aug 2012 13:550  
tle on 21daizhenyang1651. Shortest Subchain3 Mar 2011 13:101  
Testset is weak!Teacher301651. Shortest Subchain20 Nov 2008 00:551  
What if there are several solutions with the shortest length?Elaxia1651. Shortest Subchain17 Nov 2008 10:201  
The picture describing sample has been addedVladimir Yakovlev (USU)1651. Shortest Subchain6 Nov 2008 02:292  
crash violationtranhaidangfpt1651. Shortest Subchain3 Nov 2008 14:260  
StatementBSU Ghosts1651. Shortest Subchain1 Nov 2008 15:060  
who can explain the first sample?it's difficult to understand it.Ken1651. Shortest Subchain1 Nov 2008 14:540  

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